Aerial Silks Classes in Downtown Indianapolis

What are Aerial Silks, you ask? Aerial Silks Classes at Cirque Indy are fitness classes designed to bust boredom and shake-off the dusty old conventions of the traditional gym experience. Blending techniques borrowed from circus artists, gymnasts, and yogis, we believe in training strong bodies and minds through a combination of fitness, focus and fun. Our programs offer the opportunity to build new skills, make friends and try an exciting new workout. Here’s your chance: cross running away to the circus off your bucket list! Try a class today!

Indy’s one and only circus school, specializing in aerial circus arts

617 N Fulton St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Student Discount: 10% off!

Anyone currently enrolled in school (valid student ID/email address) qualifies for the discount!
Email Beth at for the discount code to apply to your purchase!

Fox 59 Viewers:

Use the code FOX59 to get 75% off your Intro Class!

“One of the coolest new workout spots in Indianapolis.”
Dana Hunsinger, Indianapolis Star
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